Inground Pool VS. Above Ground Pool: Which Is Better?

Having a permanently-installed inground pool can give a great place for lounging, exercising, and entertaining, improve your landscape, and add value to your property. On the other hand, an above ground pool provides only a few of such benefits but not all of them. In this article, we will talk about the following reasons why it is more ideal to have an inground pool for your property.


Sometimes, it can be unappealing to have above-ground pools. But, an inground pool can add volumes to your property’s aesthetics. In terms of an inground pool landscaping, you can let your pool be surrounded with stone or tile, gravel or grass, gorgeous flowers, and more! However, adding an above ground pool into your landscape could be challenging, and not impossible. You might wind up just leaving it in your yard’s corner.


Your inground pool can be incorporated with features such as lighting, fountains, waterfalls, fire features, and spas, which can be wonderfully complemented into your landscaping. Moreover, they can be customized, hence, you can opt to have it built with negative edges, which appear to flow into the horizon, or you can create your pool and color it with any shade of paint color you want or you want. You can actually do almost anything you can imagine and turn it into reality.


Custom inground pools have a “deep end,” which is one of the greatest things it can offer. That “deep end” is where you can tread water, cannonball, and dive without touching the bottom. Meanwhile, if you opt to have above ground pools, you are restricted to a similar depth from one end to another. Moreover, since kids may utilize the pool, it’s unlikely that above ground pools can extend anywhere close to the inground pool’s depth.


Above ground, pools are usually taken as temporary additions to your home, even if you need to spend a substantial amount of money and time on upkeep and installation. They differ when it comes to quality from the usual 100-dollar inflatable pool, which you can put in the trash during the summer’s end, to the quality type that will extend you into an even greater amount of money.

Moreover, since you might have to move about ground pools during the winter seasons, they are not usually a fixed structure. The frame gives the pool’s strength is commonly made of plastic resin, aluminum, or coated steel. Though this depends on the model of your choice.


It’s simple to know what makes the two pool options different. That’s because one is permanent and the other is only temporary. The estimated lifetime your above ground pool can possibly take can be near between 7-15 years before it completely collapses. On the other hand, an inground structure can actually last for at least 50 years provided that it’s developed using the right materials. If you want to have a professionally structured inground pool, look for professional FL pool contractors now!